Oks Protocol: Surveys & results


Evaluation and improvement of agility for companies

Scrum Level is a guide for evaluating and improving the agility of the company in the three dimensions it affects: operational, structural and cultural.

Scrum Level harmonizes the principles and values of agility with the systemic reality of the organization

It is a model in evolution and continuous improvement, linked to knowledge and experience provided by the professional community Scrum Manager®.

This tool manages the surveys and assessment of the key parameters of organizational agility. Information on the model and protocol used: Scrum Level.

It is freely accessible to members of the Scrum Manager professional community.

Use for academic or testing purposes is free for Scrum Manager members.

For professional use, a professional license is required, which can be requested from the Scrum Manager member area.

Mode for academic purposes and testing of the platform.
The use of this platform in “demo mode” for professional purposes is not allowed

Information for professional use.